butybe 2
“Vario burnos” ( ‘copper mouths’) was never in the business of non-ferrous metals.
But the name “Vario burnos” was inspired by the fever of non-ferrous metals that struck the country after the restoration of Independence. If you remember, one of the favorite activities of men at that time was looking for copper cables and pipes in the cities’ wastelands.The first projects created at the workshop of concepts were ​​small books made in several copies. “Vario burnos” remained a self-publishing initiative a good ten years. During that time, we published a bunch of underground literary zines and poetry books by unknown authors. The samizdat period was crowned by a series of small authorial books, or chapbooks.

Then came the original catalogs and books for well-known Lithuanian enterprises (“Vilniaus Vingis “, “Mazeikiu Nafta”) and institutions (the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Environment, the British Council). Recognition of the workshop’s founder Tomas S. Butkus’ publishing initiatives at the International Young Publisher of the Year Competition organized by the British Council in London in 2004 was a very important achievement.

The latest stage – cooperation with the publishing house „Kitos knygos“ (‘other books’). During the ten years of the cooperation we created numerous original covers, which became the brand of the publishing house.

What is next? “Vario burnos” sees its future in the growing niche of nonstandard publishing in Lithuania and abroad.