2014 05 09 The interior of “Vario burnos” got revamped

“Vario Burnos” workshop of concepts has moved into new premises on Vivulskio 10a-10 in Vilnius. From now on, book connoisseurs are invited to afternoons of high-quality publishing and non-traditional design at the bookshop of “Kitos Knygos”. More than that, we used this opportunity to radically renew the virtual interior of “Vario Burnos”. Come and see!

2014 04 20 Goods from Outer Space have Reached the Lithuanian Market

In April, a group of Russian-speaking Latvian poets “Orbita” released a poetry collection “Goods from Outer Space”. The book was published by “Kitos Knygos”. Poems by Sergei Timofejev, Semion Chanin, George Ualik, Artur Punte and Vladimir Svetlov were translated from Russian by Marius Burokas, Vytas Dekšnys, Aleksandra Fomina, Benediktas Januševičius, Rūta Mėlynė, and Donatas Petrošius.

2014 03 14 Dedicated to the darkest pages of Lithuanian history

At the end of 2013 the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum and the Tolerance Center prepared the exhibition on the subject of Lithuanian Jewish identity during the Soviet era. The traveling exhibition “Lithuanian Jews behind the Iron Curtain” opened on March 14, 2014 at the Tolerance Center on Naugarduko Street. The design of the exhibition and the catalog was created by Tomas S. Butkus.

2013 11 15 Boomba Doomba participates in the Book of the Year competition!

Tomas S. Butkus first children’s book “Boomba Doomba and the Creation of the Universe” is nominated for the Book of the Year competition in the children’s books category. You can vote at the Book of the Year competition’s website, by e-mail [email protected] or mail: Book of the Year, the National Martynas Mažvydas Library, Gediminas Avenue 51, room 413, 01504 Vilnius.

2013 09 20 Launch of Book and DVD by Remigijus Audiejaitis

The 64-page book and DVD presents work by a blind artist Remigijus Audiejaitis who tragically died in Vilnius in 2007. The publication includes his photographs, which can be attributed to the unusual genre that is new to Lithuania – the photography of sound. It also contains texts by famous Lithuanian artists, interview with R. Audiejaitis and conversations about him. The DVD presents original musical and literary works created by R. Audiejaitis or in cooperation with him, as well as work by other visual artists concerning the theme of disability. The publication was sponsored by the Culture Support Foundation, friends of Remigijus Audiejaitis and Mantas Gimžauskas, S. Jokužis publishing-printing house. Project partners: Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, PI “Bernardinai.lt”, PI “Šiaurės Atėnų fondas”, PI “Verslas ar menas”.

2013 02 05 The Seeing Ear of God – in the latest album of “The Concrete Bunnies“

At the end of the year “Vario Burnos” released the third album of the group of sound & poetry “The Concrete Bunnies”. This time the pioneers of the genre in Lithuania present twelve audio and text improvisations. The trio is assisted by a special guest – Skaidra Jančaitė whose voice can be heard in three songs. For more information visit http://triusiai.varioburnos.com.

2012 12 20 The first book for children of all ages.

Before the alleged End of the World PI “Vario Burnos” released its first book for children. “Boomba Doomba and the Creation of the Universe” – and this was the first book that the workshop of concepts officially published. The main character – a taciturn little man wondering at the harmony of the world and endless moments of joy. Tomas S. Butkus authored both the text and the illustrations. The book was supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme, the Ministry of Culture and the Culture Support Foundation. Look for Boomba Doomba in bookstores from December 24, 2012.

2012 12 07 Chapbooks arrive in Plungė

On December 7 another exhibition marking the 20th anniversary of “Vario Burnos” will open in Plunge. A collection of Tomas S. Butkus’ “Chapbooks” – books of a limited edition and original design – will be presented at the recently renovated Plunge district municipality public library. In 2004, this work was presented at the International Young Publisher of the Year Competition in London. The cycle of exhibitions is sponsored by the Culture Support Foundation.

2012 11 20 Celebration of the twentieth anniversary of “Vario Burnos” starts in Alytus

On November 29, 2012, the first exhibition dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of “Vario Burnos” workshop of concepts will launch at the Alytus Jurgis Kunčinas Public Library. The exhibition presents the original collection of Chapbooks designed and published by Tomas S. Butkus. The 27 already famous and award-winning publications are exhibited alongside rarer publications.