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2015 Lost Shtetl

client Šeduva Jewish Memorial Fund design Tomas S. Butkus publisher Vario burnos format 21×21

2013 Terra Urbana: Maps of Urban Turn

conception and design Vario burnos publisher Vilnius Academy of Arts format 20×27

2012 The Concrete Bunnies. III

features Open sewing with colored thread, gluing, special embossing. design and publishing Vario burnos format 13×22  

2006 Benediktas Januševičius. 0+6

design Tomas S. Butkus publisher Kitos knygos format 13×19,5

2006 Kerry Shawn Keys / Vladimir Tarasov

design Tomas S. Butkus publisher Prior records format 23×13  

2005 Pipeline and Terminal Operations Division

design Vario burnos publisher S. Jokužys printing-publishing house a format 21×21

2001 Taste of Paper (Visby Texts Book)

design Vario burnos publisher Baltic Center for Writers and Translators format 15×20